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We offer a large selection of personalized favors ranging from $1.00 to $6.00. These favors are handmade treats for any occasion such as weddings, birthdays, graduation, anniversaries, christening, bar mitzvah, get well and etc. These delicious treats come look at herecoque de telephone aestheticelfbar 3600you can look here in many different flavors, colors and presentations. Some of our most popular favors are apples on a stick, salted caramel marshmallows on a stick, personalized strawberries and chocolate on a stick in the form of a symbol for an occasion such as a cross for a christening or cake for a birthday. Favors are a great addition for any special event.

We also create special favors such as chocolate jewelry boxes, wedding pretzel rods, chocolate wedding champagne bottle, rice krispy replica iced out watcheself bar tropical rainbow blastbuy elf bar onlinephone cases ukimage source treats, any children characters, our famous pound cake on a stick for any occasion and air brushed strawberries. There are many more favors that offer and can create to your liking for your special event, for more information and to place an order call (215)-271-7621.